Why aren't your books the same genre?

While you can clump my work generally under the wide category of Speculative Fiction, I don't want to be known as just a science fiction or fantasy writer. The themes that run through out all my books are family, friendship, loyalty. Ultimately, I just want to tell a good story.

Since you create both written and graphic novels, do you consider yourself more of an author or artist?

When people ask what I do, I tend to say comic book creator. Then they look at me strangely and repeat the question. It is the story that dictates the media. Once I get the basic plot, I generally know if it would make a good graphic novel, comic, short story, or novel.

What takes longer a written novel or a graphic novel?

There are more drafts in written works than in graphic novels. However it takes longer to draw panels than write a draft. All of them have taken me a year to 18 months from concept to publication.

How do you create your artwork for the comics?

Generally, all my artwork is hand drawn and inked, then scanned at 600dpi and colored using Photoshop. Lettering is done in Illustrator.

Favorite Drawing Supplies?

I use 11x17 Blueline Pro Bristol. I love the Papermate Titanium mechanical pencil with a .07 lead. For inking, I use Sakura micron pens in .08, 1mm and brush. When I do hand color, I use Utrecht's private label of alcohol based markers. I also use the blender from Copic.

Are Rosamundian and Tychobraticus real?

Rosamundian and Tychobraticus are inspired by the two poodles who live with my husband and I. The real Tycho is my little brown shadow and the real Rosie is a hedonist. Think cat in dog's body.

How long have you been married? Is your husband an author/artist?

Dennis and I got married in September of 1996. No, he is a system administrator.

When did you know you wanted to be an author/artist?

I don't remember wanting to be anything else unless you count rockstar or ninja. I remember telling people that I wanted to write books and illustrate since I was 12 or 13. I have held various jobs as an adult, but my husband has always been emotionally and financially supportive of my creative endeavors.

Why don't we see your husband at comic cons or other events?

He does not like crowds of people, he would probably go if there were crowds of squirrels.

How did you meet Maria Masterson? How did you start working together in comics?

Maria and I met in high school. We have been best friends for most of that time. While I was drawing The Carp's Eye, she was pregnant with her first child. I asked if she might be interested in editing. She became hooked after her first convention.

I want to be a writer/artist/both what career advice can you give me?

Write, draw everyday. Stephen King said, "A novel is written one word at a time." I will add that a graphic novel is drawn one panel at a time. I got some more bad news. Your first work will probably suck, but if you keep working, you will get better. I look at the stuff, I wrote five years ago and can't believe I ever thought it was good enough.

Use what you have. I use a 21inch Wacom Cintiq tablet to color and letter my comics; however The Carp's Eye was colored and lettered completely on a 15inch Macbook. I don't have a real studio, I work in my closet, but I don't let that stop me.

Finish a project before you start another one. With few exceptions, everyone gets bored of their written or graphic novel somewhere in the middle. Keep working on it. If a new idea surfaces, I give myself five to thirty minutes to get the new idea written out and put into the queue. Then I go back to my current project.

Handle rejection. If it helps, know that all my books have been rejected from both publishers and distributors. I have had a thousand of back handed compliments. It hurts, but each time I pick myself up and keep writing.

Finally, be kind to others. It's both a big world and a small one.

Do you have a fan club?

No. Want to start one? If you do send me the link and I'll promote it. :)

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